Computer Assisted Hip Replacement

Many studies have shown that Computer-assisted (Minimal Invasive) Hip Replacement surgery have numerous benefits over other techniques. The technique offers a well-aligned and balanced hip joint that are likely to last longer.

Dr D K Das an accomplished orthopedic surgeon is well trained in computer -assisted (Minimal Invasive) Hip Replacement surgery. He conducts the surgery with clinical precision and delivers quality care to his patients.

There are two types of hip replacement procedures:

Minimally invasive hip replacement
Computer-assisted hip replacement

Benefits of Computer Assisted Hip Surgery

  • Improved reliability of reconstructed limb length
  • Improved reliability of prosthetic component alignment
  • Fewer prosthetic hip joint dislocations
  • Shortens hospital stay
  • Very less recovery time (patient is able to walk within 3 days of surgery)
  • Increases the precision and accuracy
  • Decreases errors
Computer Assisted Hip Replacement Surgery

The video shows surgery using traditional instrumentation and computed assisted navigation.